The Journey

Namaste Sweet Soul,

You are on a path and seeking to connect to your soul’s calling, I feel ya! I have been there and along with the current book I am writing, ” Unapologetically Authentic” to assist you in the process.( which WILL make it’s way to a bookstore near you soon! ) I have been blessed to run across some of the most enlightening works by brilliant artists and  the most creative connected geniuses of all time. Spirit delivers exactly what and who we need at the EXACT time we need it. Be open to the process, trust the guidance you are given. Do you REALLY think it’s still a coincidence the THIRD time someone suggests a book or movie. That’s the Universe trying to offer a little love   Here are some of the suggestions, that have helped me tremendously, I make to people who are looking to improve their lives, find hope, or are in need of spiritual direction and guidance.

With much Love & Many Blessings Always,

Amazing movies to check out!

Amazing books to check out!

I have inhaled books since I began to awaken (even after I swore off reading after graduating with my, my house is overflowing with them, however the most important book you will ever experience is the one you are currently writing….the book of your life.  You are holding the pen, make EACH day an adventure!

May you leave this page with the Blessings of Hope, Optimism and Love! And So it Is!

Feel free to leave suggestions you have found helpful for others who are on their path as well!

Start  your  journey.

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