Anthony Tam Sing, RMT

I have known Jennifer for about 3 years now. It’s been an absolute joy to know her, and to watch her bloom on her Spiritual journey. She is extremely talented in every aspect of what she does. Not only is she a great friend, but as a Psychic Reader and Reiki practitioner, she is incredibly gifted. Sessions with Jennifer are extremely uplifting. She listens to you, and really tries to help you reach the core of whatever issue you are facing. She also has a way of making you feel great just by being in her presence, and that is truly special! It makes me incredibly happy, and proud to see her following her path in this way. I would highly recommend Jenn to anyone seeking spiritual guidance, counseling, readings, and Reiki.

Matt Thomas

This woman is the most awesome , intuitive, and amazing woman!!!! I was there yesterday for a reading n the person I wanted to show Jenny showed her to me n it was completely amazing n wonderful to hear from my mother. I didn’t know her cause she passed when I was 4. But to hear validation she has always been with my girls n I just made it all worth while. Thank you so very much Jennifer Schwartz for being the loving person you are!!!!

Kristin Dzambo-Morvosh

If I could click all the stars in the universe, it still wouldn't be enough to express how I feel about this place and the shining angle who owns it! Two years ago I had a spiritual awakening. Thanks to a most loving and Dear friend she put my spirit on a path to finally grow and be free. On this path she brought me to Jennifer. It was kinda like a hand off. "Here, she's polished and ready for her next level." I will always cherish my friend, for she was the spark to set it all in motion. Jen welcomed me with open arms and that moment I knew BIG THINGS were about to happen!!! Let me tell you it's WAY BIGGER than I could have imagined!!! Anyone who's spirit feels lost or needs something you can't seem to fulfill, YOU NEED TO CALL THIS PLACE!!!!!!

Kara Miller Czerniak

I have met with Jennifer several times, and am always amazed at how she is able to get right to the heart of what I need, using many different methods. Having a background in traditional counseling myself, I am envious of her abilities to heal, and think that if the rest of the community could get on board with her methods, the world itself would be a much healthier, happier place.I wholeheartedly recommend Jennifer to anyone seeking healing on ANY level, physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

Kara Miller Czerniak

I met Jenn in October at a Bash. Went for a free Zytos reading, and it was amazing!!!!!! I left that day on "Cloud 9" so they say.......... since that brief meeting I've been a happier more positive than I've been in years. I've been going to clinic every wk since. 
We ALL need to get BACK to what we've blocked, hidden,repressed and or lost. There is Sooooo much more of ourselves that we need to reconnect with. I AM on my way to ME again and it TRULY is what we all have in ourselves to be 100%!!!!!!!
 I AM done being hurt,LOST, tired,sick and achy. Society, government and people change us or tell us what we can and can't do.........thru the clinic and Jenn and others there........I AM reprogramming my thought process and life to be THE ABSOLUTE BEST ME from now on. I'm not blaming anyone but I am taking my life back and will try to help anyone and everyone who wants and needs to gain control of themselves.
This is a place of peace and understanding, and that's where I want to "BE"!

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