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Jennifer Schwartz-Flack

Jennifer Schwartz-Flack ( AKA Serenity Jenny) is a spiritual/ Intuitive counselor, budding author, professor and healer with over 9 years experience in the healing/ personal development field. She been referred to as the Soul Dr, a prophet, a store house of amazing light and energy she is a psychic-medium, and often times referred to as the “Country Version of a very well known NY medium”. She holds an undergraduate degree in psychology and a masters degree in school counseling, She is a K- 12 certified guidance counselor, a Nationally Certified Counselor, and a licensed professional counselor. Jennifer has been an adjunct professor at a local University since 2011 and is also an ordained spiritualist and has been counseling adults and adolescents since 2007.

Christine S. Crawford

As a psychologist for the past 30 years, I have met and facilitated many individuals in finding a life that works for them.  Each person has an innate knowing of what they truly desire.  Often, however, this “knowing” gets lost and covered over with layers of guilt, shame, “shoulds,” trauma, other people’s judgments and projections, their own judgments and any number of beliefs and behaviors that lead to being stuck, depressed, anxious, angry, numb, or “just not happy,” to name a few.My expertise is with adolescents and adults.  I provide an atmosphere of allowance, trust and support, along with tools to start choosing the life that brings you joy.  We will explore the beliefs that no longer serve you and assist you in changing them. Are you ready to let go of limitations and uncover the person you truly be?  If so, I am excited to work with you.

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