Therapy  for Your Soul!

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What is Synergy Springs?

Synergy Springs Soul Center is a vision I had several years ago through a meditation I was doing on my back porch.

I saw a “hospital” of sorts. A place for true healing to occur. A serene location where the  healing  and integration of self on all levels could take place. A soul center.

I realized that this calling that I was waking up to is way bigger than me, this was a community  that will unfold. A safe haven in an otherwise chaotic world. A place to recharge one’s “batteries” and restoreth their soul.

This is all welcoming, non denominational, a place where you will be recognized by the spark of God within you!
All of the experience I have had up until this point in my life has allowed me to understand one very important thing….and that is…the soul craves sustenance…and 90% of hunger is mistaken thirst.

There is a well that springs forth of eternal life…I would be honored to introduce you to it!

About Me.

Jennifer Schwartz Flack M.Ed, NCC, LPC, RMT   “Serenity Jenny” is  a Licensed Professional Counselor, K-12 Guidance Counselor, Reiki Master Teacher,  Psychic/Medium,  Ordained Minister, and Spiritual Healer. She has been afforded the opportunity to study with, learn from, and be mentored by many amazing healers & teachers. That knowledge, enhanced by her formal education and combined with her gifts of the spirit allow her to stand in truth, power, and authenticity.

Whether you are struggling with something specific or are just ready for a change, Synergy Springs Soul Center is the place for you!